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10 oz Johnson & Matthey Bars


Any investor looking to invest in precious metals should consider adding platinum to their portfolio, as it is an excellent option for diversify risk amongst economic and political uncertainty. Platinum is a metal that in recent modern times has established itself as an important raw material on the world market, both as a precious metal used in coinage and jewelry, but also as in important industrial material used in auto manufacturing and fuel cell production.

10 oz. Platinum bars are minted 99.95% pure platinum. Actual bars may be different than illustrated but will always be hallmarked by a recognized refiner. Bars can be “cast” or “minted” the 1-ounce and 10-ounce bars are manufactured to precise specifications and contain the corresponding amount of pure platinum. Platinum bars can be shaped differently depending on the brand. With the ownership of precious metals your investment in platinum bullion bars creates a perfect insurance policy or hedge against our inflationary and uncertain economic & political times. Owning precious metals also offers a sizable profit potential over the next few years.

Investment analysts have been screaming that platinum's supply/demand fundamentals are tight. In fact, according to some estimates, if platinum mining were to cease today, there would be only about a year's supply available to industry. In contrast, above-ground supplies of gold would last nearly a quarter of a century.

10 Ounce (oz.) Platinum bars offer not only a great way to collect this rare precious metal, but also provides a convenient mechanism for storing and transporting your investment in platinum. International Bullion Exchange can help you begin understanding the options and variety of platinum bars and rounds that can help you begin developing a long-term investment plan that can never lose all of its value. We carry only the platinum bars and rounds of the highest quality. Whether you are looking for 10 oz. platinum bars or platinum rounds, you will find what you're looking for in this category.

Start building your platinum investment today! Platinum bullion is available from IBE in 10-ounce bars of pure .9995 fine platinum for trading, storage or personal delivery. Each bar is produced by a leading refiner, such as Johnson-Matthey, and hallmarked to certify weight and purity.

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