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Also available from IBX is the 32.15 troy ounce gold “kilo” bar, a one kilogram bar of fine gold bullion of at least .999 purity. Manufacturers of these bars certify the weight and purity of the bullion content by imprinting their stamp or hallmark on each bar.

Golden bars of this size and larger offer a distinct investment benefit – that being that they carry a low premium compared to the spot price of gold. This means, that whereas gold coins and smaller bars often contain anywhere from a 3-10% premium for minting and other associated overhead costs, the kilo bar is an industrial product with much lower premiums. Industrial gold is primarily used as a means of storing and transporting universally accepted value and is a very liquid form of wealth.

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Market Overview

Diamonds Are Forever

Since the middle ages, diamonds have been a desired treasure. But, until now, investing in natural diamonds has not been accessible for most investors. The technical expertise needed, and the lack of reliable...

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Why Own Gold?

Since 1913, when the United States Federal Reserve was created by Congress, the dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power due to inflation.

A common misconception today is that prices for goods and services have been going up. The truth of the matter is that prices have remained nearly the same in precious metals terms; it is the value of the dollar that has declined...

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Investing In GOLD

Gold bullion is a real, tangible asset...and arguably, the best form of currency the world has ever known. In times of economic or social crisis, gold is a safe haven. Gold is convenient as it is rare, durable and can purchase a goods and services globally in small amounts. It is globally recognized, and can be easily traded throughout the world. Since ancient times...

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