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Buy Gold Online

For a smarter investment that will retain its value in times of financial instability, buying gold and bullion bars is often the preferred option of investors. People looking to preserve their wealth often turn to gold investment because gold is a rare and precious metal that always has its own inherent value. When people are experiencing economic uncertainty it is usually the time that gold becomes the most valuable asset to have in an investment portfolio. In the past, investors could only purchase gold through registered dealers but today it is possible to buy gold quickly and easily online while still making a sound investment. Investors may be wary of scams when buying gold but some research and understanding of what to look for can make gold investment a safe purchase.

Finding an Online Dealer

There are a wide range of options for buying gold online so it will be worth it in the end for an investor to do a certain amount of research before rushing into an investment. An investor must first find a reputable online dealer that can provide a safe purchase. A dealer should have insurance, have controls in place to detect fraud and be able to guarantee their product. Investors usually look for an online dealer with fair prices that closely reflect the current price of gold on the market without too much of an over spot price. It is important when making an investment in gold to always know the market price of gold and refer to it when making a purchase decision. There are a number of websites which post daily gold prices and also provide periodic updates throughout the day. A fair price from a dealer will always be relative to what the investor is buying but bullion tends to have a markup price depending on the amount that is purchased at one time. Preferred gold dealers usually offer flexible payment options such as credit and debit cards, checks and wire or bank transfers. Dealers should also have secure shipping policies so that a delivery of gold is insured and secure. A good online gold dealer will have a positive reputation through testaments and recommendations from customers or anonymous sources that can be found online.

Choosing the Right Investment

While researching and finding the right dealer, an investor must also consider what type of investment they want to make in gold. Precious metals like gold can be bought in a variety of forms and each are slightly different when it comes to purchasing, trading and selling them. Gold can come in the form of jewelry, bullion coins or bars and also gold exchange traded-funds, mutual funds and stocks. Investors must decide if they want to make a purchase of physical types of gold like coins or bars or whether they want to trade gold on the stock exchange. Online dealers can offer coins and bars for investors that are interested in purchasing and owning the physical value of gold. Minted bullion coins can be easier to store, handle and resell than gold bars although larger bars are usually available at a very low premium over their intrinsic value. Gold coins that are collectable rather than a modern bullion coin can cost significantly more but have a higher secondary market demand. Coins can be resold at premium prices and are more easily recognized but an investor by choose bars for a more efficient large scale investment.

Delivery and Storage of Gold

For the first time investor who is looking to buy gold online, it is a good idea to start with purchasing in small quantities at least initially. This can minimize any of the risk involved in making a purchase and prevent them from spending more than they can afford because they want to make a more profitable investment. The best way however, is to start buying in small quantities especially with a new dealer and then consider buying more in bulk later on after the investment proves sound. A reputable online dealer will offer a return policy in case there is any problem or the investor changes their mind about their gold investment. After purchasing gold, an investor must also consider where and how to store their gold so that it is safe, secure and accessible to them. Dealers should be able to provide delivery of the gold once it is purchased and investors can either store the gold themselves or ask the firm to store their gold onsite. Investors that store their own gold can use a home safe, bank depository or IRA custodial firm that provides documentation proving their investment is safely stored. Once the gold is properly stored, the investor can either maintain their investment as a safeguard against times of financial crisis or trade gold on the market. As gold prices change depending on economic stability, investors might choose to sell their investment when prices get to the highest point.